Ash Sharma, global resourcing leader of engineering and technology, explains the benefits of hiring neurodivergent talent, particularly in the tech and cyber industries, in Computing magazine.

In the article:
Ash Sharma, global resourcing leader for engineering and technology at Cielo, agrees that neurodiverse individuals bring a significant competitive advantage to organizations. He says: "They often are deeply analytical and possess the kind of pattern recognition capabilities that are highly valued in software engineering, software testing and data science. A diverse team can bring alternative approaches to problem-solving."

Sharma also points out that promoting neurodiversity can be key to closing the growing skills gap in the cyber security industry. "As employers focus on how their development and implementation strategies can help stem the labour shortage in the cyber security sector, predicted to amount to 1.8 million workers by 2022, one key area that continues to be overlooked is neurodiversity," he says.

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