Despite improvements in recent times on women’s employment rates and opportunities in leadership, women are still experiencing challenges within the workplace. Michelle Fuang, Client Services Manager, Cielo, discusses in HRD Asia, how to attract and retain female talent. 

From the article: 

“Their efforts to establish their individual position in the workforce is often hindered due to various challenges, ranging from gender discrimination to family obligations. With the rise of the pandemic, increased burnout coupled with longstanding gender inequities have forced women to part with their careers.” 

Michelle provides ideas on how workplaces can make their culture a better one to be in for women, such as raising awareness on discriminatory practices, adopting flexible work schedules and more. She also mentions the immense benefits of doing so.

“Companies should start addressing the issue of gender inequality that remains a major source of obstruction for women in the workplace. By providing a work environment that guarantees equal opportunities alongside a healthy work culture and constant support for them to succeed, women will be more productive and motivated. This way, the company will also reap benefits such as an integrated workforce, greater retention and better talent attraction rates.” 

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