Technology is evolving at a faster rate than ever before – and companies are struggling to keep up. With so many new advancements, diverse skillsets and backgrounds are critical for overall business success. Developing a global workforce can provide the innovation and range of thought needed to carry organizations into the future and beyond.

In her latest contribution to The Global Recruiter, Sally Hunter, Executive Vice President – Commercial Markets, discusses why building a global workforce will benefit your business and how to do it successfully.

From the article:

The journey toward globalizing a workforce is multifaceted – a mix of promising opportunities and formidable challenges. It stretches beyond the simple premise of hiring internationally to learning more about different cultures, becoming more adaptable and planning strategically. It also requires a close analysis of global macroeconomic and geopolitical trends.

But despite the challenges, the rewards of a global workforce are undeniable. As the future of work continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the skills possessed by today’s employees may not always meet the needs of tomorrow’s tasks. Embracing a diverse and global workforce allows businesses to access the skills and capabilities of the future. You’ll have access to diverse talent and be able to build a multicultural team while expanding into new markets. This not only boosts creativity and innovation but also improves decision-making and gives your company a physical worldwide presence.

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