Successful change management in today’s workplace is more about collaborating and being transparent with workers at all levels than simply giving orders that are expected to filter from the top down. This is a lesson Forbes contributor and author H.V. MacArthur discovered in her transition from the military to the corporate space, which she writes about in a recent article.

In “Leading Change Management in the Modern Workplace,” MacArthur shares both key learnings she’s picked up in her own experience leading change management, and insights from business leaders. Cielo COO Marissa Geist tells MacArthur about the importance of communicating how and why the changes are taking place as well as how they will benefit employees and the organization overall.

From the article:

Marissa Geist, COO at Cielo, a global recruitment process outsourcing partner, pointed out that, “It’s critical to have a business champion at a high level who understands why and how this change is occurring. It’s key to gain commitment and alignment from your key stakeholders on what this change will bring, and their role in supporting it prior to launch. In real terms, this means being able to negotiate with business leaders to find mutually beneficial solutions, able to effectively distill data to create a story, tackling the challenge when change resistance emerges and to continually drive the message through the organization.” …

Another amazing tool that has come leaps and bounds in the past few years is data. Marissa Geist advises, “Data is key as stories about your change, both good and bad, grow with time. Knowing where your escalations are coming from, being able to track the source and the cause, help drive accountability on all sides during a change.”

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