BROOKFIELD, WI (March 19, 2024) – Cielo, the world’s leading Talent Acquisition Partner, today debuts the first generative AI (GenAI) for talent acquisition: Based on a new set of industry principles for responsible AI use, the intelligent tool allows talent leaders to maximize the power of GenAI for better hiring outcomes, fast while protecting candidates' experiences.

“In a competitive, noisy market with many emerging, and sometimes unproven, methodologies and technologies, Cielo has established a responsible approach to artificial intelligence in human resources & talent acquisition. At Cielo, their data scientists, engineers, and talent acquisition experts collaborate to improve GenAI models, assess data for relevancy and accuracy, and operate in a secure environment, thus contributing to an enhanced experience for their clients and candidates. They are not only navigating the landscape but also handsomely contributing to its future development.”
Arkadev Basak, Partner at Everest Group

Many organizations are experimenting with GenAI, though only 4% of investment is going toward HR functions. That's changing with Since launching its Digital Accelerators™ suite last year, Cielo has worked closely with clients and its own experts to build and test AI solutions trained for TA. Cielo knows first-hand the challenges organizations face when adopting GenAI, giving it an unmatched understanding of practical use cases and corporate requirements for risk management. is rooted in five design principles that highlight vital considerations for clients and candidates when using AI in HR and talent acquisition:

  • Offer tangible outcomes
  • Prioritize user experience
  • Retain human expertise
  • Provide actionable insights
  • Facilitate inclusivity

“We've seen GenAI revolutionize how we engage with talent, allowing us to create personalized experiences at scale. This creates a more intuitive, tailored user experience and enables employers to identify top talent faster, accelerate time to fill, and reduce costs. This is a safe and secure ChatGPT just for talent strategy.”
Rick Rosario, Vice President – Client Services at Cielo

By using large language models and relevant data sets – including job ads and resumes – analyzes themes and gaps to swiftly move through the hiring process with precision. The tool and prompts are designed with input from Cielo’s ED&I experts to enhance the inclusive element and mitigate bias. It syncs to an organization’s tone of voice, matches DEI guidelines and other hiring policies, giving teams more time to engage and hire talent – all in a secure environment.

The future is now. Find out how streamlines the entire TA process and achieves your recruiting goals, faster.

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