A raft of new artificial intelligence (AI) tools has entered the market, helping candidates apply and prepare for interviews like never before. The tools are already widely used and will continue to multiply as the technology continues to advance.

It’s not just candidates changing their tactics: HR professionals are also increasingly using specialized AI to simplify parts of the recruitment process. This may mean the traditional methods of applying for roles and reviewing candidate applications may soon be unrecognizable.

In a recent Financial Times piece, Chief Product Officer Matt Jones offers insights into the rise of AI use by both candidates and recruiters. He also shares what it could suggest for the future of the CV as well as the overall hiring process.

From the article:

“Generative AI can create very good profiles — there may be a few mistakes but only the individual will recognise them, not the employer,” Jones said. “This raises the question about the relevance of reviewing CVs, cover letters and applications, particularly at the early career stage. I wonder if this is the death knell of the CV.”

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