Today’s recruiters are asked to do a lot they weren’t expected to in the past, with the focus shifting from manual tasks that are now done by technology to more in-depth analysis of hiring needs, lead generation and candidate engagement. This skills gap can lead to low job satisfaction for recruiters and unmet expectations for talent acquisition leaders.

Cielo’s Serena Jecty, learning and development business partner, global, outlines the best way for organizations to fight this skills gap in an article she wrote for The Global Recruiter. She recommends installing a Learning Management System (LMS) to help recruiters get up to speed with the recruitment technology and analytical skills they need to find and engage candidates. But it needs to be tailored to the organization’s specific needs, Serena writes, or it won’t be effective.

The five steps she shares to develop and implement a successful LMS are: define a use case, involve IT, test the most difficult areas first, maintain communication, and define success while monitoring progress.

Excerpt from the article:

In order for the project to be a success, support across the organisation is essential. Having advocates of the technology, who can help with the logistics of the roll out process is vital. What role do you need stakeholders in the business to play – Have you told them? What internal partnership opportunities are available to you – how will you need their support in the deployment? Most importantly how will you convince these stakeholders to play a part in your technology’s success. Then work with your marketing or communications team to establish a communication strategy.

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