Despite the benefits that automation brings to recruitment – making the application process quicker and accessible to more candidates, helping to minimize unconscious bias – many TA leaders remain concerned about the effect this will have on the human experience.

Searching for a job always will be a personal, emotional experience, one that can greatly affect the course of someone’s life. So it’s important that human touchpoints remain part of the application process to ensure a positive candidate experience. The HR Certification Institute™ explores this in a new article that features Adam Godson, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Global Technology Solutions.

From the article:

Technological advances in job searching have led to the comparison that it’s just like online shopping, but this comparison doesn’t hold up, says Adam Godson, senior vice president of global technology solutions at Cielo Talent. “There’s an emotional side to applying to jobs that employers can’t ignore,” he says. “If you want to maintain the human element in the interview process then you have to understand that job searching is so much more emotional than people give it credit for.” …

Recruiters should be cautious when completely automating the interview process. “For all of its benefits, recruiters need to understand how AI may be perceived by candidates,” says Godson. “A completely automated process can sometimes result in an increased rate of interview no-shows. We’ve found that not having a person reach out to schedule interviews does away with the social contract, the applicant’s promise to a living, breathing individual.”

Godson says you can overcome this problem by adding human touches back into the process — for example, having a recruiter follow up with a candidate can re-establish the social contract. Recruiters can also add videos of themselves to the application, giving candidates the assurance that their applications will be examined by a person, not just a machine. Godson also suggests giving applicants the choice of an automated or a human-led interview.

Visit the HR Certification Institute’s website to read the entire article, “Bringing the Human Element into an Automated Interview Process.”