Over the next several years, technology jobs are predicted to grow at double the rate of those in other industries. That means the global skills shortage is only going to have a greater impact as organizations are unable to fill key roles, losing out on both productivity and potential growth.

With demand so high, and potential candidates having more options than ever, it is clear that the tech industry must be willing to change its approach to talent acquisition. Cielo’s Mike Clements, Client Services Director, has written a new article for Computing on what companies can do to close the gap on the skills shortage.

From the article:

“Being agile, flexible, and addressing diversity is fundamental to recruiting talent and can reap dividends for a tech business. Whilst ‘agile' is currently a buzzword, not all businesses claiming the term are fully implementing what it truly entails. At present, many candidates feel that their needs don't correspond with what organisations are offering. So how can a business address this?

Hiring managers and business leaders need to be innovative in their thinking and in their development of talent pools. A good first step is conducting a review of the assessment process to ensure it is not filtering out potentially great candidates - for example, those who don't have the precise qualifications listed or hiring managers believing that a qualification is necessary when it is not always essential.”

Visit Computing to read (registration required) “Skills in the tech sector: Fighting the shortage and closing the gap.”


The reported skills shortage in the EU has received amplified attention since the Brexit vote, but a closer examination shows that the right talent is out there, but that organisations must be better at recruiting it.

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