Talent acquisition is more challenging than ever these days. That’s true whether you find yourself operating in an industry or country facing a serious skills shortage, leading to a lack of candidates, or the opposite is true and your HR team is inundated with applications.

Kirsten Mayer, Vice President at Cielo, has written an article for Recruitment International that explores the talent acquisition barriers facing organizations and shares surefire methods to overcome them. It draws on information found in both our recent research into European talent acquisition trends and our Talent Acquisition 360 report.

From the article:

While the scope and function of talent acquisition is evolving quickly these days, less than 30 per cent of respondents to Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 survey believe their organisation is assigning sufficient resources to properly equip their recruiters. This means that core skills needed within the team are absent and businesses are falling further and further behind the times – limiting talent acquisition teams’ abilities to deliver consistently and appropriately. Improving the talent acquisition function by investing in learning and development provides a key focus on the skills of those it is entrusted to and encourages a continuous learning culture at the heart of the organisation.

Visit Recruitment International to read “The challenges talent acquisition teams are facing.”