As today’s job market switches from an environment where candidates seek out jobs to one where the employer finds the candidate, technology now allows employers to focus on giving candidates the consumer-grade experience they want.

Artificial intelligence in the form of automation and chatbots have given candidates more control over their experience, as well as the opportunity for on-demand, real-time feedback. Talent acquisition functions that don’t take advantage of the recruitment technology available are going to be left behind.

Cielo’s Matt Jones, Senior Vice President, has written a new article for Recruitment International that outlines some of this important technology that employers should be investing in to remain competitive.

From the article:

Technological change has reshaped the workplace over the last decade and continues to be a core area of innovation for employers, enabling them to be more agile and cost-efficient whilst providing a world-class service to the job seeker. …

Companies are recognising the need for integrated systems and tools throughout their HR process. This year, integration capabilities will be available to companies to help streamline operations even further and build a best in breed ecosystem connected to their core platforms. As we become more connected, businesses must keep pace with change or risk being left behind.

Visit Recruitment International to read “The new landscape for talent acquisition.”