Doug Terry, Client Services Director – APAC, talked to HRO Today about how important it is for talent leaders of companies who operate across Asia Pacific to consider cultural nuances when analysing and comparing candidate data.

In the resulting cover story for the Autumn 2020 issue of HRO Today APAC, Terry gives examples of how cultural differences impact how candidates interact with firms and warns against not accounting for these differences when you build recommendations and base decisions on that data.

From the article:
“Many firms in the APAC region operate talent acquisition functions across multiple countries with vastly varying talent markets, methods of recruiting, and regulatory requirements, all of which can pose challenges for ensuring data hygiene,” says Doug Terry, Cielo’s APAC client services director.

“Stay focused on what ‘good’ looks like at a market level and keep this in mind when aggregating data across the region or globally,” Terry advises. “It’s important to ensure data gathered across different geographies compares ‘apples with apples.’ This means that the various trigger points through the recruiting life cycle are consistent; otherwise, relevance can be lost.

“Making sure your organisation develops your approach to use data smartly—rather than trying to do everything right away—will help ensure you realise real benefits from data,” he concludes. “Using data well isn’t just the flip of a switch. It’s a gradual evolution.”

Visit HRO Today for the full article, “Data-Driven Strategy.”