For candidates, acing the job interview goes beyond face-to-face interaction. Sending a follow-up email to say thank you to the people they spoke with could cement the relationship with key people in the organization and help seal the deal for hiring managers.

But the email must be done the right way, so that it helps and doesn’t hurt the candidate’s cause. Ladders spoke with Tara Cassady, Cielo’s Executive Vice President of Client Services for the Americas, for insight. Tara shares whom post-interview emails should be sent to, what they should say, when you should send them, why they’re important, and how formal they should (or should not) be.

From the article:

While it’s important to get a thank you email out quickly, you shouldn’t send this message while you’re waiting for the bus outside the office. Sending a thank you email 15 minutes after an interview shows that you didn’t put much thought into your message. That being said, you don’t want to wait too long to send this note and make it look like an afterthought. Cassady recommends waiting at least more than 2 hours before sending this email, but no longer than 24 hours.

“You want to be able to show that you reflected upon the meeting so that you can draw back and show thoughtfulness,” Cassady said.

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