The recent public commitment from the Business Roundtable (BRT), an association consisting of almost 200 of America’s most prominent CEOs, to look beyond simply making more money for shareholders and placing a higher priority on employees has gained a lot of attention. And skepticism.

Truly investing in employees requires going beyond words and implementing initiatives that will fulfil that sense of purpose employees seek in both their careers and how the organization they work for benefits society. In a new article, HR Technologist highlights ways organizations can make meaningful change to how they support their employees, such as putting a stronger focus on diversity and inclusion. It includes thoughts from Anne Bucher, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience.

From the article:

“When talent acquisition teams begin to talk about diversity in recruiting efforts, they focus on the more obvious identifiers, like race, gender, and sexual orientation,” says Anne Bucher, SVP of Customer Experience at Cielo, a company that offers global RPO and talent acquisition strategies. But, she adds, “Diversity also includes factors like age, physical and mental ability, class, religion, and more. It also looks different depending on the industry and location of your business,”

Artificial intelligence (AI) can generate a diverse candidate pool for you through an unbiased algorithm. But when it’s time to get personal, “It’s easy to fumble important conversations and derail [your diverse recruitment] efforts,” says Bucher.
To avoid this, she recommends bringing an expert on board: “Bring in experts to lead conversations around these topics and facilitate discussions to ensure every new hire feels welcome in your organization. Experts also can educate existing employees and facilitate important conversations around why diversity matters.”

Visit HR Technologist to read the full article, “Employees Before Shareholders: Business Roundtable Redefines the Purpose of a Corporation.”