In its latest issue, HRO Today explores what is needed to make brand storytelling successful. Andy Curlewis, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Brand, Digital and Communications, shares his insights with the magazine, drawing on several years and a wide breadth of experience.

Andy stresses the need for transparency and authenticity as today’s customers, employees and candidates have so many ways they can research an organization’s reputation. The message – via the company website, social media platforms, emails, reputation websites, etc. – should all come together in a cohesive employer brand story that separates itself from competitors and engages people to want to spread the word.

Excerpt from the article:

“One of the first steps is working out why your company story matters,” says Cielo’s Andy Curlewis. “And I mean, really matters. How does it impact the world? Why should anyone care? For example, if you work in health or life sciences, your rallying cry might be a heroic onslaught against disease; liberating individuals from pain and suffering; enabling people like you and me to live full lives.” …

“Transformation is a key ingredient in storytelling,” says Curlewis. “It’s important to also think about story arcs: Where has your business come from? What ordeals have you overcome? What feats of strength and courage propelled you from okay-ness to greatness? What form will your next transformation and triumph take? And what does that mean for your people? Share your vision, be transparent about the journey that you’re on, and invite employees and potential candidates to help shape the next chapter. Invite them to be part of your adventure.”

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