With unemployment continuing to register at historically low levels, organizations need to have a highly effective and agile talent acquisition function. Many TA teams struggle to keep up with the demands and expectations of their organization and internal stakeholders. But how can HR and talent acquisition leaders know that their situation would benefit from a recruitment partner?

Cielo’s Tara Cassady, Executive Vice President of the Americas, shares four reasons to outsource recruitment in a new article from Recruiting Daily Advisor. They include situations where an organization is going global, trying to cut costs, or just doesn’t have the bandwidth to handle their current talent needs.

From the article:

“As organizations look to retain top talent and streamline hiring efforts, there are a few telltale signs that may indicate talent acquisition (TA) functions are in need of a facelift,” says Tara Cassady, Executive Vice President of Americas client services at Cielo – a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions firm. “More specifically, there are instances where organizations should consider partnering with an outside expert to truly transform their approach to talent acquisition.”

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