With summer fast approaching, employers everywhere are ramping up hiring to fill large amounts of seasonal hourly positions. But the combination of historically low unemployment and plenty of options being available to job seekers, has made this more challenging than ever.

Recruiting Daily Advisor recently asked Greg Summers, Cielo’s Executive Vice President of High Volume RPO, to offer advice on tactics and tools organizations can use to meet their talent acquisition needs.

From the article:

“Talent Acquisition (TA) teams should consider incorporating tactics like programmatic advertising, assessments and matching, interview self-scheduling and reporting into their approach,” says Summers. “Using technology that gives TA teams the ability to measure candidates against data from current high-performing employees will highlight which candidates are most qualified.”

“Additionally, instead of simply posting job openings on job boards, TA teams should look into smart ads to reach specific candidate demographics by targeting them where they spend their time online – such as Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Instagram,” adds Summers. “This ensures that organizations capitalize on mobile technology and the experience all stakeholders demand today.”

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