A meeting of two cutting-edge recruitment minds took place recently as Adam Godson, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Global Technology Solutions, joined host Chris Russell for an episode of The RecTech Podcast.

Russell has been referred to as “the mad scientist of online recruiting,” thanks to his bold, experimental approach to bringing together employers and job seekers in the online space. He invited Adam for a wide-ranging chat that touched on the latest trends in online recruiting and what tools and innovations Cielo has been using to serve our clients and push the industry forward. Topics included how Facebook probably will become a major platform for applying for all types of jobs, how Snapchat has become an effective engagement tool, and how the onrush of recruitment technology is a positive development for the growth of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

From the podcast:

Adam Godson: “We made a new product last year we call High Volume RPO. That’s our shot at technology-centered recruiting, where we’re looking to have people go from seeing an ad on Facebook to qualifying themselves and having an interview scheduled with the hiring manager in less than 7 minutes. We use an assessment in the middle to help people qualify with scored questions, where if they score high enough, then they can schedule right with the manager. …

“One point worth mentioning is that we [initially] took the person out [of the process], because the whole system can run without any recruiters. But then we actually ended up putting people back in, not to make phone screens but engagement calls to those candidates just to say things like, ‘Hey, Chris, we’re excited for your interview tomorrow! Do you need any directions? Are there any questions I can answer for you? We’re really excited to see you, and good luck!’ Having that person-to-person conversation decreased our no-show rate by far more than it cost to do the call. We thought what we were doing with the phone screen was qualifying people, but what we were actually doing was engaging them and creating that social contract where they felt, ‘OK, I told someone I was coming to this interview tomorrow, and now I’m going to come,’ as opposed to full automation, where I think people didn’t feel as connected to the company. No-show rates are definitely higher in that case.”

Visit The RecTech Podcast to hear the entire episode, “Thoughts on Recruiting Technology with Adam Godson.”