Innovation is key to pushing talent acquisition forward, and nothing is having a greater impact in that push than technology. Whether it is through automation, artificial intelligence, or personalization, the way Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers service clients is intricately tied in to where technology is and where it’s going.

Chris Watson, Cielo’s Global Technology Enablement Lead, spoke with Recruitment International recently about what talent acquisition trends and challenges he believes are driving innovation in technology.

From the article:

“The trends driving innovation in HR tech are personalisation, marketing automation and Diversity & Inclusion technology,” shares Chris Watson, global technology enablement lead at Cielo. “Some examples of personalisation include intelligent websites that display relevant content based on your social media profiles, video technology for bespoke messaging and even robo-writer tech that can mimic a personally handwritten letter.

“Marketing automation allows the tracking of prospective candidates’ interaction with your online content and ‘if this, then that’ scenarios trigger automated emails and content to those prospect. Diversity and inclusion tech can make job specs gender neutral, anonymise applications, and can include criteria weighting and automated assessments to exclude human biases.”

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