After responding to the immediate needs brought on by the pandemic, talent acquisition teams are shifting their focus to the future. One area poised for continued innovation is the use of artificial intelligence and recruiting automation. Matt Jones, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Matt Jones headshotOperations, recently joined the Recruiting Future podcast to discuss the role of technology in the world of work, the impact ongoing COVID-19 crisis and the ways the role of the recruiter might change as AI and automation grow and evolve over the coming years.

From the podcast:

“We need to be careful and really understand that what we’re doing is making human decisions faster and more efficient through these tools today because these machines are not thinking for themselves yet. I think there are a couple of areas we can be deliberate about that. I think firstly I would encourage all organizations, when they think about deploying machine learning or other forms of AI, to broaden the scope of the conversation outside of just recruitment and HR. Bring in some professionals or experts who have done this in the consumer world or who have done this in the world of marketing or other areas. Let’s not retread the same challenges that our colleagues in other parts of our organizations have faced when it comes to thinking about how we build the algorithms and how we communicate with candidates.”

Visit the Recruiting Future Podcast to hear the entire conversation, “The Speed of Change”


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence how business gets done and keeps employees working remotely, important processes like new-employee onboarding need to adjust to the current virtual world. Key considerations can help implement these appro...

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