With developments in technology and shifts in how we view employee management transforming the HR industry, companies will need to devise and implement new strategies in 2019. Talent acquisition leaders in particular have tremendous opportunity to free up recruiters by replacing the repetitive or invisible tasks (e.g., manual searches) with AI technologies.

Paula Parfitt, Senior Vice President at Cielo, has written a new article about these developments for HRZone, sharing how adopting new tools such as AI to enable greater productivity and continuous improvement will allow talent acquisition to have a huge impact on speed, efficiency and the company’s bottom line.

From the article:

Technology, automation and AI has impacted HR in many ways over the last decade, and the impact will continue to accelerate. Technology has reshaped some areas of the recruitment process, enabling talent acquisition teams to be more efficient and wiser with their time.

Although many recruiters view AI as a potential threat to their jobs, it’s the opposite; the ever-evolving technology behind AI makes recruiters' lives easier. Advances have already had a huge impact and will continue to influence recruitment strategy and process – including removing the administrative, manual tasks from recruiters' to-do lists so they have time to manage the human element of the process. The benefits are huge because they will help potential candidates who are looking for jobs have a more seamless experience.

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