With historically low unemployment rates, the competition for talent is fierce. Employers need a strong employer brand with the power to capture the attention and interest of job candidates. This means appealing to candidates’ unique values and needs. Andy Curlewis, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Brand, Digital & Communications, recently spoke to Employee Benefits, a UK-based provider of industry news, about developing employer brands for the modern workforce and the role of competition in branding.

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From the article:

As well as focusing on how their own benefits are positioned, organisations should consider how they stack up against the competition.

Andy Curlewis explains: “Employers should look at how they compare to other organisations in their sector, but also at [businesses] that are regarded as aspirational, even if they’re not in the same market.”

Building an employer brand might feel like hard work, but for many organisations it goes hand in hand with external marketing efforts. A strong brand can also benefit organisations that need to stand out from the competition.

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