Apprenticeships are a key investment for employers and a great way to gain access to a high-calibre of talent. In turn, they bring a fresh approach and a positive attitude to the workplace.

Ross Crook, Senior Vice President of Client Services at Cielo, has written an article for FE News that looks at the wide-ranging benefits apprenticeships can deliver to a business across a number of industries.

From the article:

Despite the widely held view that apprenticeships are predominately for school-leavers with little or no qualifications, apprenticeships start at entry-level GCSE qualifications and rise incrementally to bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Employers would, therefore, be wise to factor apprenticeships into their workforce planning strategy. Doing so not only provides a cost-effective way to recruit new employees and upskill the current workforce, but also helps in creating predefined career paths for their workforce.

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