Recruiters are always in a candidate’s corner during the hiring process, but there are still certain things they need to keep to themselves when it comes to hiring managers. A new article in Quartz shares a few of them.

Cielo’s Anne Bucher, Senior Vice President – Client Experience & Technology, has some eye-opening insight for those candidates who worry about not having properly prepared for an interview. In many cases, she says, it is the hiring manager who hasn’t done their due diligence.

From the article:

“Most hiring managers think they can ‘wing it’ when it comes to interviewing you for the role,” says Anne Bucher, senior vice president, client experience & technology at Cielo, a strategic recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner. That means that they probably haven’t devoted a ton of time preparing for your office visit and interview. … Since you have a ton of control in this job market, don’t be afraid to assess the organization and readiness of the hiring manager. Remember that as the candidate, says Bucher, you have the ability to interview the company as much as they’re assessing you. Ask questions about what type of candidate they’re looking for and what their day-to-day looks like to get a feel for how well you would work with the hiring manager if you were hired on for the role.

Bucher also reveals that hard skills and competencies might not be what sways a hiring manager. “Hiring managers are also very keen on looking for which soft skills – such as critical thinking, flexibility, adaptability, teamwork – you demonstrate during the interview,” she tells Quartz. “They also want to hire for culture fit, so do your research ahead of time and look at the employer brand to make sure you would be a fit for the work environment.”

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