Many factors go into a successful talent acquisition process, but odds are that if the hiring managers and recruiters on your team do not work well together, success will remain elusive.

Tara Cassady, Cielo’s Executive Vice President of Client Services, has written a new article for HR Daily Advisor that gives talent leaders ways they can positively impact the relationship between hiring managers and recruiters.

From the article:

[Hiring managers and recruiters] must work closely together to source, engage, interview, and hire the talent that will take your organization into the future. The hiring manager is the expert on the job being filled and knows what skills and personality are needed to do it well, while the recruiter brings expertise on the current labor market and what is realistic as far as the talent available and the timeline to bring them in. When they’re both on the same page, talent acquisition runs like a well-oiled machine, improving time to fill, quality of hire, and other important metrics.

In many cases, the dynamic between hiring managers and recruiters is not as strong as it needs to be. A troubling statistic shows that 57% of recruiters feel that hiring managers do not understand recruiting, while 63% of hiring managers feel that recruiters do not understand the jobs they are filling. This disconnect leads to talent acquisition dysfunction, resulting in long vacancies that cost your organization in productivity, morale, and the bottom line.

Visit HR Daily Advisor to read the full article, “How Talent Leaders Can Improve the Hiring Manager-Recruiter Relationship.”


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