Most talent leaders believe the existing talent pool is shrinking while the competition is increasing, according to Cielo’s new Talent Acquisition 360 report. This reality challenges companies to shift their strategies to succeed in a historically tight labor market where the candidates have more opportunities than ever before.

Marissa Geist, Cielo Executive Vice President and Managing Director of the Americas, addresses this struggle in a new article she has written for HRO Today. She shares several insights from the report, which surveyed 1,100 talent leaders around the world – along with 200 candidates – on questions regarding their business priorities and perceptions of talent acquisition.

A pervading theme of the research is the rise of contingent labor, leading companies to prioritize installing a consistent and comprehensive approach to all talent – permanent, contingent, temporary or otherwise. This approach is known as Total Talent Acquisition.

From the article:

Although all stakeholders agree that total talent acquisition is a top priority, 68% of HR leaders believe it is their responsibility while 65% of procurement leaders think it is a role they own. Only a quarter of HR and procurement leaders believe that total talent acquisition is a shared responsibility.

Companies recognize the need for a more consistent approach to how they attract and recruit both full-time employees and contingent staff. For instance, 66% of survey respondents said they are using different providers to recruit each group. A total talent approach would provide a more complete view of the workforce to help make better decisions for the future.

Read the entire article, “Beating the Competition” by Marissa Geist, in HRO Today.


Cielo’s Talent Acquisition 360 research identifies 16 dimensions of talent acquisition strategy exhibited by high-performing organizations. They include quality of hire, diversity and inclusion, high-volume recruitment and more.

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