Throughout the economic upswing of the past several years, talent acquisition teams have enjoyed tremendous organizational support as they work hard to fill positions amid talent shortages and historically low unemployment.

But while it’s easy to think that the good times will keep rolling, we all know things change, sometimes very quickly. Talent acquisition leaders should have long-term plans in place that anticipate change and will protect their own teams and help their organizations succeed when the good times inevitably slow down. Darren Simons, Cielo’s President of the Americas, participated in a Q&A with Recruiting Headlines that tells companies what signs to look for to indicate a downturn might be near, and what strategies they can use to navigate it successfully.

From the article:

Darren Simons: The best time to prepare for an economic downturn is prior to the beginning of a cycle. C-Suite executives will appreciate talent acquisition (TA) leaders that present them with agile strategies to internal and external factors before symptoms of an event become apparent.

During the last economic downturn, we saw organizations scale back their investments in TA personnel, employment brand, talent initiatives, and technology. These cuts were often disproportionate to the need to serve the business and TA teams became stretched to deliver. Because of these decisions, organizations were unable to service the business during the downturn and kept them from capitalizing as quickly as they could have once the economy recovered. TA teams should prepare now so they are not in a situation where they lack the resources to find, recruit, and hire the talent they need when the economy gets better.

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