Once the decision has been made to outsource your talent acquisition function, it can be daunting to sort through all the options available. Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) your best option? How is that different from a traditional staffing agency?

Cielo’s Tara Cassady, Executive Vice President of Client Services, answers these questions and more in a new article for HR Daily Advisor.

From the article:

An RPO also offers a wider range of capabilities, including technology, employer brand, candidate experience, onboarding, and total talent fulfillment. Recruiters at RPOs are dedicated to hiring for one organization, and in most cases, they recruit as that company. Whereas an agency recruiter can pick which vacancies to fill at which companies, an RPO recruiter is dedicated to filling specific open requisitions for his or her specific client.

Additionally, RPOs also are held accountable to various key metrics, including time to hire, cost per hire, source of hire, customer satisfaction, and retention levels, that they predefined at the beginning of the partnership with their clients. They act as an extension of the HR and/or TA team. Because of this, RPO recruiters are in tune with the ins and outs of each one of their clients to a degree that is not possible for staffing agency recruiters.

This ultimately gives RPO recruiters a stronger ability to have a deep understanding of their client organizations’ needs and culture while promoting the employer brand to candidates with the right message in the marketplace. They often spend a significant amount of time on-site with clients and in internal functional meetings.

Visit HR Daily Advisor to read the full article, “Hiring Help: Outsourcing the Talent Acquisition Function.”


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