Top talent has plenty of options these days, with historically low unemployment and increasing business demand. That means the standard wordy, impersonal job description is not going to be enough to get their attention.

A new article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel focuses on how today’s organizations are using recruitment technology and embracing the digital landscape in their talent acquisition strategies. That includes engaging them on social media channels, and producing more personalized content such as videos showing a day-in-the-life view of the position that allows candidates to meet some of their potential colleagues.

Cielo’s Andy Curlewis, Senior Vice President of Brand Practice, Digital and Communications, gave insight into how the talent acquisition market has changed and how companies must change along with it.

From the article:

"Long job descriptions and poorly written postings/careers web pages fare badly as competitors increasingly put the necessary time and effort into thinking about what candidates would want and what they can offer in return," said Andy Curlewis, senior vice president of brand practice, digital and communications at Cielo, a global recruitment process outsourcing partner based in Brookfield.

He said companies need to meet candidates where they are – focusing on digital channels and communities. The same attributes that make a meme go viral can be part of a great recruiting campaign, he said. Strong recruiting efforts are high tech and high touch, he said.

"Candidates expect to shop for jobs like they do for products on Amazon," Curlewis said.

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