Just as today’s consumers are more savvy when it comes to conducting research before making a purchase, jobseekers also are trying to find out more about a company before applying to work there.

But what are they finding? Unfortunately, it’s often vague job descriptions, generic online videos and bland social media posts that don’t really tell them anything. Such uninspiring content isn’t likely to attract top talent.

In a new article for The HRDirector, Andy Curlewis, Cielo’s Senior Vice President of Brand, Digital & Communications, shares how boosting employer brand through meaningful, strategic content that gives potential candidates the information they want about your company.

From the article:

Research shows that candidates trust employees three times more than the company itself. So, as well as using your employees in photos, consider featuring them in videos and encouraging them to proactively tell the story of your organisation’s brand in blog posts on your website and on social media. This may sound risky, but people talking passionately and positively about your organisation in an authentic way will do more to inspire candidates than any marketing slogan or corporate video.

When you generate new content, make sure you have a strategy that integrates it throughout the various touchpoints in the candidate’s journey to achieve the most leverage. Whatever strategy you decide upon, the most important thing is to focus content on what prospective talent cares about. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what you wanted to know before you joined your organisation.

Visit The HRDirector to read the full article, "Capturing Top Talent – Employer Branding Affords the Competitive Edge."