Companies who have shifted to remote working are facing new challenges for managing their workforce virtually. The way companies respond to this change will impact attitudes toward remote working in the years to come. In a recent article for The Global Recruiter, Alison Hallett, Cielo’s Director of Global Employee Experience, shared her opinion on how adjusting to this unprecedented time could result in a significant increase in future workforce flexibility.

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From the article:

With this monumental challenge comes a great opportunity. If organisations implement remote working effectively, it will become a viable option allowing for increased flexibility and potential cost-savings on office space over the long term. The extraordinary context of COVID-19 has meant that managers are required to provide a different level of support. The support required from managers will return to normal as the workforce adapts to remote working. After an initial period of individual learning and adjustment, and with the right level of support from their managers, employees will find their own balance and methods to get the most out of their work days.

Visit The Global Recruiter to read the full article, “Change of Perspective


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