The trend toward businesses using more temporary, vendor, and contract workers instead of full-time employees continues to surge. Some predictions suggest that such workers could make up half of the American workforce within the next decade.

A new article in Forbes examines this gig economy reality through the prism of Google, which now reportedly has more temporary workers (121,000) than it does full-time employees (102,000). As this trend continues, Cielo COO Marissa Geist encourages organizations to consider how they can make all employees feel engaged and part of the company culture.

From the article:

While it may make sense to hire a contractor for short-term projects or to save money for a specific period of time, Marissa Geist, COO of Cielo, a recruitment process outsourcing provider, said it may ultimately be an unwise decision.

“At the end of the day, there is no substitute for engaged, effective, long-term talent," she said. "Despite the potential cost savings that a contractor can provide, if you fail to make contractors feel engaged and connected to your company, the drag on culture and momentum can actually be more costly than the immediate savings that contractors bring in the short term.”

Visit Forbes to read the entire article, “Google Follows a Growing Workplace Trend: Hiring More Contractors Than Employees.”