To equip talent acquisition leaders with a one-of-a-kind comprehensive guide to assessing and transforming their TA strategies, Cielo and internationally recognized thought leader Josh Bersin teamed up to create “Guide to Talent Acquisition for the Future.” The new series calls upon Bersin’s research and market knowledge, firsthand input from TA leaders and the expertise and insight Cielo has gained by providing recruiting consulting and outsourcing services for clients in a variety of business sectors over the last 15 years. In a piece showcasing the guide, HR Executive featured comments from Sue Marks, Cielo’s CEO and Founder, on the new series and the ways it will be useful to leaders.

From the article:

Each piece of the series—the remaining ones being candidate generation; assessment and matching; candidate selection and offer; onboarding; and reporting and analytics—focuses on a different aspect of the recruiting process key to the development and execution of a successful talent-acquisition strategy. They also feature case studies showcasing real-world examples to put into action, according to Sue Marks, CEO and founder of Cielo.

“In a hyper-competitive market with geopolitical, global economic and workforce dynamics changing quickly, knowledge is critical for success in the talent market today,” Marks says. “HR and TA leaders currently face unprecedented expectations and demands. This guide will provide inspiration to build a winning strategy and position their team and themselves for success.”

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