The U.K.’s ambitious net-zero greenhouse gas targets will require equally ambitious levels of focus, change and investment from engineering and manufacturing companies. Businesses that upskill their talent to accommodate the digital skills required for green jobs will future-proof themselves as the world transitions to meet these goals.

In a new article for Electronic Specifier, John Reid – Vice President of Strategic Accounts, explores why businesses should upskill their engineers and how they can get started right away.

From the article:

Retention is a top priority for many engineering and manufacturing companies. When employees feel like they’ve run out of opportunities to grow and develop within a company, they will likely become restless and seek opportunities elsewhere. Upskilling not only improves retention but also enhances attraction. You'll attract others by simply showing that your employees are constantly growing and advancing into new, modern roles.

A real barrier for more traditional companies is the speed they can mature into this new and evolving world. This will decide whether they can keep pace with their competitors.

There's no quick answer to meeting the U.K.'s net-zero targets. But building a strategic approach to upskilling talent and translating discussions into actions are critical steps in developing the necessary skills for success.

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