People are one of the most critical assets in many organisations. And their experience at work can have a profound effect on retention – the great resignation has made many businesses sit up and pay closer attention to the welfare of their workforce.  

In light of these trends, Molly Thiel, Chief People Officer, shares key insights on how to be a great people manager in 2023 in an interview with Future CIO.

From the article:

“A great people leader provides clarity on how the employee is doing on a regular basis – and how they can be successful. In turn, employees tailor their efforts, giving them the satisfaction and rewards most meaningful to them.

Employers will need to be innovative with how they approach employment and benefits specifically. Investment in learning and development programmes to help reskill and upskill current employees is more vital than before.”

On key strategies that CHROs should take note of, Molly shares:

“Workforce planning strategies that focus on upskilling, reskilling and rethinking employee retention are crucial to winning in 2023.”

She also highlights the joys of being a people manager:

“People leadership can be very rewarding. It is also challenging and provides a great opportunity for growth personally, and together with those you lead. There is plenty of content to research, assessments to take and/or other ways of exploring the profession. But for me, experience coupled with strong mentors have made a difference.”

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