Competition for talent in the healthcare industry has never been more intense, with organizations having to account for talent shortages, a volatile business climate, and changes in technology to gain access to the best candidates.

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), which are outpatient facilities that provide same-day surgical care, face unique talent challenges in competing with larger, more established hospitals and health systems. To provide insight into how ASCs can attract candidates, Becker’s ASC Review spoke with Liz Bickley, Senior Vice President of Client Services for Cielo Healthcare.

From the article:

Liz Bickley: ASCs need to have a multipronged talent acquisition strategy with a dedicated resource team that proactively reaches out to candidates in the market, stays ahead of talent acquisitions and understands market supply versus demand. ASCs should also proactively highlight their center and get messaging out on their successes or the different things they are doing to attract talent to their centers.

Lastly, investing in technology that gives ASCs the ability to reach clinical staff in real time, such as text messaging or automated screening technology (recorded voice interviews or recorded video interviews) allows candidates to complete a screening on their own time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is a great way to reach candidates outside of business hours and to interview and discuss new opportunities that will help an ASC stand apart.

Among the topics Liz covered were how ASCs could leverage their employer brand (in the form of work/life balance) to win talent, and how to navigate the industry’s myriad mergers and acquisitions.

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