Of the many challenges facing today’s healthcare industry, talent shortages are among the most pressing. Finding the right people for the right roles in the right locations is critical to delivering the best patient care to local communities.

Health systems increasingly partner with a healthcare recruitment partner to enhance their talent acquisition capabilities. One such partnership involves Froedtert Health and Cielo, who entered into a healthcare RPO partnership in 2016. In a two-part Q&A, Becker’s ASC Review speaks to Mark Farrell, Froedtert Health’s Executive Director of Talent Delivery, and Diane Fleischmann, Cielo’s Vice President of Healthcare Client Services to get their individual perspectives on what it takes to effectively recruit healthcare talent.

From the article:

Q: What can healthcare organizations do to ensure they hire great outpatient talent in a timely fashion?

Diane: Organizations need to streamline the interview process in order to make it easy for candidates. By conducting the hiring leader, peer and physician interviews on the same day, candidates will not need to come back multiple times. Organizations should train leaders to hire to the role and move away from the need to compare talent. Lastly, organizations should equip leaders to provide candidates with a contingent offer prior to leaving the facility so they do not have to wait or have the time to explore other opportunities.

Mark: First, it starts with recruiting. We focus on strong community and school partnerships, career fairs, internship partnership programs, community referral partnerships — as well as participate in education advisory boards, workforce alliances and regional initiatives to recruit top talent to deliver the best in academic medicine. Additionally, we are utilizing technology to identify and source good candidates who haven't even applied or expressed interest with us yet. We're also using technology to conduct initial interviews — candidates really appreciate the convenience.

Visit Becker’s ASC Review to read Diane’s Q&A: "The cost of talent shortage is high – 5 ways ASCs can improve recruitment” and Mark’s Q&A: “Outpatient staff must be equipped to handle complexities + more talent acquisition insights.”


Cielo Healthcare is Froedtert Health’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing partner in the US. Learn how Cielo Healthcare helped to focus their talent acquisition strategy to meet the growing demands of their community.

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