Providing candidates with a positive experience throughout their journey not only enhances a business’s reputation but also enables it to attract a broader pool of talent. To achieve this, organisations must find a balance when using automation while also maintaining a high-touch human personalised candidate experience. 

Elaine Orler, Cielo’s Managing Director of Consulting, spoke to The Global Recruiter about retaining a personalised candidate experience when automating certain recruitment processes in order to deliver an efficient and exceptional candidate experience.

From the article: 

“The working world is experiencing a high rate of change. This is in no small part due to the rapid developments in recruitment technology which enable a greater degree of automation in hiring processes. As a result, hiring managers have wider, deeper access to the available talent pool. But it is also important that recruitment firms do not lose sight of what truly matters to candidates – a personalised experience. 

The change in recruiting landscape has forced the recruitment industry to shift away from what they think employees need and towards what the candidates want. Automation solutions are allowing for the consumer-style experience that candidates are looking for; they want a recruitment experience with the efficiency of online shopping and a high degree of personalisation.

The technology available to recruiters today means that candidates can be effortlessly segmented, and messages personalised to draw in each one. But recruiters must be mindful of the need for a top-quality content strategy to accompany these solutions. A personal touch is now a critical incentive for candidates and a main driver of best-in-class results for recruitment firms. That is why it is crucial that, while automation certainly does allow firms greater success, they do not allow it to negatively affect personalisation.” 

View the full article in the recent issue of The Global Recruiter.


The growing mismatch between employers and the unemployed has exposed the need for organizations to improve their talent acquisition strategies, including leveraging automation more effectively.

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