Artificial intelligence (AI) has been hailed as a revolutionary tool for recruitment. From filtering huge swaths of candidate profiles to tracking advertising results – the entire talent acquisition process has benefitted from modern technology, showing AI can indeed be a game changer.

But even the best-designed tech has its limits. Human connection remains key for some of the most critical components of talent acquisition. Knowing how and when to employ AI, and when to get personal, can level up your recruitment efforts and results. Caleb Fullhart, Cielo’s Senior Vice President – Technology Consulting, provides insight on the nuance and benefits to using data and technology in recruiting in an article for AIM Group.

From the article:

“If you use this technology properly, you can get a lot of good data as it relates to the industry. It can help when you know the best time to push out a campaign, or with target marketing of a particular profile. Just as with consumer advertising, recruiters can make sure their job advertisements get in front of the right people by using software tracking market data, learning from conversion rates, and tracking results. Obviously, this saves time for the recruiting team but also ensures that budget dollars are spent wisely.” – Caleb Fullhart

Read the article, "AI in recruitment: Real impact in parsing and matching, but human element remains critical," in AIM Group’s latest report.