Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – a critical part of company decision-making that can often be overwhelming, in number and in scope. HR leaders across the globe rely on KPIs to hone recruitment strategies and identify the best ways to reach desirable candidates. But with so many indicators available, especially in our digital age, it can be difficult to know which ones to focus on.

Looking closely at the average time to fill a position and new hire attrition are just two of the best KPIs to study to drive business results. Cielo CEO Marissa Geist, along with eight other members of the Forbes Human Resources Council, highlighted which KPIs are most worthy of your attention for the best outcomes in an article for Forbes.

From the article:

“Focus on the data behind your KPIs, not tracking any single metric. Always ask any assertion: ‘What are you looking at that tells you that?’ It will keep your team accountable to data: focused trends, not overreacting to short-term spikes or dips in KPIs. Setting a personal KPI of how often you ask this revealing question will put data, not emotion, at the heart of your decisions.” - Marissa Geist

Read the article, “Nine KPIs That HR Leaders Need To Measure For More Data-Backed Decisions” in Forbes.