As the world progresses at an accelerated pace towards digitisation, so should the world of talent acquisition. Social media has become an intrinsic part of our lives – and talent acquisition teams can utilise these trends to make strategic hires. Luke Parry, Director – Brand & Digital Consulting, shares several key social media trends that talent acquisition teams should take note of in his interview with the Asian Business Review.

Parry shared that the younger generation will continue to utilise Facebook, due to its offerings for group conversations and privacy. The popularity of augmented reality on platforms such as Instagram is expected to rise too.  

Personal branding was another emphasised point, as it will be a critical aspect of social media in 2023. Social media platforms can grant candidates the space to showcase their skills, experiences and achievements in a visually appealing and accessible way. Moving forward, they will become a vital tool for creating effective personal branding tactics and interacting with passive candidates.

Parry also underlined that social media should become a key talent acquisition strategy as it is becoming one of the swiftest avenues of communication with potential talents. Hiring teams should make full use of these current trends – starting with several clear goals and objectives. This includes being consistent in building a narrative and customising your approach to different demographics.

Watch the full interview here.