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Modern recruiting is challenging. You're not only searching for a diverse and inclusive set of candidates – you need to do it fast and strategically. You're working to integrate all talent acquisition trends while navigating new technologies.

At Cielo, we understand all of this. We've partnered with some of the world's leading biopharma and life sciences companies to deliver shining results, including:

  • Hiring 68k+ life sciences professionals for our clients every year 
  • Saving millions in agency spend for our clients
  • Decreasing time to fill by double-digit percentages

Explore the case studies below and watch the video to hear how partnering with Cielo allows you to make quicker, more informed decisions – giving you a portfolio of fresh TA strategies to pursue.

The world of work is evolving quickly. Can your RPO provider keep up?

A shifting talent landscape is upon us – and human resources and talent acquisition leaders are acutely aware of the opportunities to improve their hiring approach. But not every provider has the tools to help reach your hiring potential. Learn how to find the right RPO provider and seamlessly transition to a new one with guidance in this report.

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