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Season 1, episode 6 summary

October 10, 2023 // 26 min, 13 sec

An aging workforce presents a future where the gap between a workforce’s eldest and youngest will be greater than ever. So how will they work together?

Weighing in on “The talent time machine,” business coach Kim Neeson joins Cielo Chief Executive Officer & host, Marissa Geist, to consider how AI will simplify tech for users of all ages, the irreplaceable skill of experienced judgement, and a new perspective on the career break.

In this episode:

  • Constant reassessment of company culture
  • Reinventing the career break
  • Pervasive tech and being “always-on”
  • Different generations combining their unique skill sets/experiences
  • AI facilitating work for aging workers
  • Engaging everybody and allowing them to live by their values


Episode highlights

Marissa Geist at 5:30
“My son will demand just as much flexibility from his job. He does not envision himself living to 90 and working at one company. We're already seeing people change jobs two, three, four, 18 times in a career.“

Kim Neeson at 11:20
“With AI, soon I won’t need to know how to press 50 buttons to do something, I’ll just tell the computer what I want done and it’ll do it for me."

Kim Neeson at 17:50
“With AI and with all the changes, you're not going to have to learn how to run a complicated software programme, maybe it's just a matter of learning how to talk to a computer.”

Marissa Geist at 23:10
“I think balancing ambition and energy with experience and perspective, you do not want a team where everyone is out to prove themselves.”


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