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Season 1, episode 4 summary

September 26, 2023 // 31 min

The job for life is a distant memory. Will the job itself follow?

As we shift toward a world that values aptitudes and attitudes over past roles and experiences, we may be forced to rethink where and how we work as the future edges ever closer.

Kate Bravery leads Mercer’s thought-leadership councils and supports companies in preparing for the future of work. She joins Marissa Geist in The talent time machine to share her vision of what the world of work holds.

In this episode:

  • Taking a data-led approach to matching people with the perfect job
  • Generational attitudes toward engagement with work
  • The role of flexible working going forward
  • Shifting attitudes from objective to subjective reality
  • Shifting perceptions on valuing skills over experience


Episode highlights

Kate Bravery at 7:00
Skills will be the true currency of work, and future generations will want to contribute to the world of work in more creative ways.

Marissa Geist at 10:35
We've used productivity as willingness to do the grind, the jobs that nobody wants to do, to get ahead in an organization. How much are you willing to put aside what you want to do for what you have to do? I think that the 2050 generation rejects that.

Marissa Geist at 18:00
My 12-year-old wants to be a computer engineer, but then he also was saying, maybe I want to be a chef. He doesn't think those things couldn't happen at the same time.

Kate Bravery at 20:35
The World Economic Forum recently released its Future of Jobs Report. I think they said that 44% of our skills need to change in the next few years. So the next question is, where are the opportunities?

Kate Bravery at 28:20
Once we start to understand the skills we have and the skills needed, we can start to plot pathways.


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