Technology Is Only As Valuable As the Human Experience It Improves

Modern recruitment technology is changing at a breathless pace, and with everything else on HR leaders’ plates, it can be difficult to keep up. From artificial intelligence to advancements in application tracking systems, we can guide you on the latest and greatest RPO technology to evolve your recruitment process.

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Cielo TalentCloud RPO Solutions

Work smarter, not harder with our award-winning technology suite. Cielo TalentCloud consists of three tools:

  • SkyRecruit, Cielo’s exclusive Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) platform for candidate attraction, sourcing and engagement
  • SkyAnalytics, our approach to data-driven decision making
  • SkyLabs, our innovation engine

Cielo TalentCloud


Wouldn’t you rather have your recruiters spend their time sourcing and building relationships with candidates than entering a large amount of data?

SkyRecruit accomplishes this by automating certain tasks like application assessment, interview self-scheduling, and more. This gives recruiters time to focus on other responsibilities that contribute to a better candidate experience.

  • SkyRecruit features include:
  • Automated sourcing
  • Segmented recruitment marketing and candidate nurturing
  • Interview self-scheduling
  • Video interviewing
  • Employee referrals
  • Hiring event management
  • Pre-employment compliance

This is the only truly global platform in the RPO industry, ensuring a single experience for multinational clients.

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To make the right decisions about talent acquisition, you’re going to need the right information: metrics that tell you about team performance and business intelligence. SkyAnalytics brings this data to you. Supported by a team of data scientists and analysts who work alongside our recruitment teams to identify problems and provide solutions, SkyAnalytics creates Talent Intelligence reports that address how to attract, engage, hire and retain the best talent. These predictive analytics can bolster your strategy for attracting talent, streamline your recruitment process, identify for workforce needs and improve quality of hire.

But don’t just take our word for it:

“All client data, irrespective of its source, is visible on one platform. But rather than Cielo presenting a plethora of graphs in a single view, bombarding the client with too much information, it has had a re-think. Cielo now only presents the key measures that are important to a client, yet has built more depth into the analytics, so that a client can drill down into those key measures,” wrote Nikki Edwards, NelsonHall Analyst, after receiving a demonstration of Cielo’s SkyAnalytics capabilities.

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Both a physical space at our global headquarters and a methodology rooted in Design Thinking, SkyLabs allows Cielo to test and pilot new and emerging technologies, tools, and processes. SkyLabs applies a framework toward problem solving to ensure that ideas, technologies and processes stand up to your rigorous expectations.

Some of the innovations SkyLabs is experimenting with today revolve around Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual & Augmented Realities, and various types of automation. The team is trying to answer how interfaces like Alexa, Amazon Dash, or Siri can help talent leaders like you in your everyday and long-term work.


Technology should improve your outcomes – AND enhance human experiences. Let’s talk about what’s best for your talent acquisition.

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