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Talent acquisition operates at the speed of the market, organizations must continually invest and innovate to ensure recruitment technologies and strategies match shifting candidate expectations and business demands. With Cielo’s optimal combination of RPO technology, people and processes – we’ll partner to enhance your existing TA strategy and technology to deliver meaningful results.

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Bringing Your Vision for Fully-Enabled TA to Life

Tech-Enabled RPO Starts with

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Cielo TalentCloud is a flexible platform designed to deliver great experiences, elevate meaningful insights, and accelerate recruiting performance. Combined with the expertise of Cielo’s global RPO teams, this reimagined recruitment technology platform will elevate your existing technology strategies to achieve your vision. Cielo TalentCloud, powered by SmartRecruiters’ workflow management, includes an ecosystem of integrated partners and client systems plus an open marketplace of point solutions. These come together in one seamless platform designed for today and future-proofed for tomorrow.


See first-hand how RPO powered by Cielo TalentCloud can deliver on your talent acquisition and business goals.

Decision Support Engine
decrease time to hire

Decision Support Engine

Hiring intelligence served-up prior to opening a requisition interprets external talent market and internal historical data to predict the time and resources required to fill the role.

improve quality of hire


Artificial intelligence and algorithms search your database and external job boards for the best-fit candidates.

Programmatic Advertising & Automated Sourcing
increase speed to shortlist

Programmatic Advertising & Automated Sourcing

Proactive candidate generation is driven by automation and an optimized mix of technology, sourcing and marketing.

Complex Interview Scheduling
reduce candidate frustration & drop out

Complex Interview Scheduling

AI allows candidates to seamlessly self-schedule interviews directly onto hiring managers’ calendars. Both have access to Cora, a digital personal assistant to help with process or other FAQs.

Intelligent Automation
optimize hiring experience

Intelligent Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation create the right technology intervention to remove human error, improving compliance and accelerating process time.

Predictive Analytics
enhance hiring outcomes

Predictive Analytics

API-based reporting and predictive analytics deliver real-time insights and process recommendations based on how strategies are performing historically and against industry benchmarks.

Technology Consulting

We help leading global organizations transform talent acquisition with comprehensive and forward-looking strategies, leading technologies, best business processes, and smooth deployments. We’ll work with you and your leadership team to understand the overarching business objectives to align the project, deliverables and desired outcomes. With our proven expertise in processes and technology, together, we will optimize your talent acquisition strategy and deployment for long-term success.

Our technology consulting services include:

  • Talent acquisition structure & design
  • Process & technology assessment & recommendations
  • Future-state roadmaps & requirements
  • Implementation management & governance

Tech Consulting

It’s time to talk forward-looking strategies and technologies. Our recruiting consultants are ready to advise.

Cielo Labs: Impactful Innovation

Cielo Labs is our innovation engine dedicated to exploration with a methodology rooted in design thinking. Cielo Labs allows us to test and complete proof of concepts with new or emerging technologies, tools and processes; ensuring we understand how these solutions can support your evolving talent acquisition strategy.

Cielo Labs takes a hands-on approach to not only the HR and talent acquisition space but all corners of the technology landscape. We take inspiration from consumer technologies and fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and gamification to so you can rise above competition with your top-tier talent experience and strategy.

Cielo Labs

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