Helping You Understand the Recruiting Technology Landscape

The recruiting technology landscape changes constantly, with more complexity than ever before.

Cielo developed this interactive Recruiting Tech Navigator to help you understand this marketplace to drive great recruitment outcomes for your organization.

Technology aligned with process drives outcomes

The latest recruiting technology automates, streamlines and leverages new innovations like AI and machine learning — if you know how to select, deploy and maximize its value. As the most tech-enabled RPO provider, Cielo helps hundreds of organizations around the world evaluate and customize their technology ecosystems. We use design thinking to integrate technology and process to accelerate results and drive outcomes.

The Recruiting Process

The Recruiting Process

Our interactive Recruiting Tech Navigator is categorized into six key phases of the recruiting process, each with its subcategories based on unique processes and desired results, to help you search and understand the full breadth of technologies available in the market today.

Market Insights Icon

Talent Planning

Knowing the talent market and the competitive landscape will set your entire recruiting process up for success.

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Candidate Generation

Finding and engaging the right pool of candidates is one of the most challenging and expensive parts of the recruiting process.

Assessment & Matching Icon

Assessment & Matching

Evaluating the right cultural fit and understanding what skills a person has beyond the resume while ensuring a fair and equitable evaluation process.

Selection & Offer Icon

Selection & Offer

Gaining access to key data points to make the right offer and to give you the confidence you are choosing the perfect candidate while providing the best experience.

Onboarding & Engagement Icon

Onboarding & Engagement

Ensuring your new hire has a smooth transition from the offer through their initial days, weeks or months with your organization.

Reporting & Analytics Icon

Reporting & Analytics

Evaluating your recruiting processes and turning key insights into better performance and business outcomes.


Overwhelmed by all the technology companies and claims? Cielo has its own technology platform that can elevate your approach and integrate into your existing ecosystem or with any point solution.

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Cielo TalentCloud

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