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What's a key component for a company's global success? International oil and gas company Weatherford, which operates in 70 countries worldwide, cites standardizing its business operations as just that. And the global talent acquisition strategy embraced that same corporate belief in focusing on excellent execution of operating procedures.

Jason Munoz, Global Director of Talent Acquisition and Employee Experience for Weatherford, shared some insight during a webinar into how the company, in partnership with Cielo, successfully created, socialized, and launched a global talent acquisition model.

As Munoz observes, all successful businesses within Weatherford have standard operating procedures and guidelines that allow for the consistent delivery of a quality product to the end client – and talent acquisition should be no different. When all business functions operate to the same high standards and rigor, the cohesiveness becomes a strength.

Delivering one Weatherford experience

Weatherford’s vision was to elevate and globalize the candidate and hiring manager experiences. So, however a candidate encounters the organization, the experience should be the same. This approach ensures brand consistency and inspires trust in the brand. People know what to expect, and that’s exactly what they get through every communication and contact point. One Weatherford experience – for all, including hiring managers.

This global approach means that when hiring managers (or candidates) move around the organization, wherever they move from and wherever they move to, they have a familiar experience. They don’t need relearn or reassimilate with lengthy onboarding processes. Hiring managers can freely support new areas and geographies with the same self-confidence they’d operate under in their home environment.

Weatherford’s previous approach had grown organically and locally from the bottom up. It could feel “sporadic” at times, so the organization needed a global methodology that would still feel local around the globe. For Munoz, the first step to rolling out his global talent acquisition vision was selecting the right partner to make his ambitions a reality.

Working together with Cielo to manage the global change program was an immense undertaking – made more complex by having to do the whole planning, implementation and go-live virtually due to the global events in 2020.

The first part of the change program for Munoz and Cielo was designing the end-to-end service and enabling the technology – while maintaining the hiring manager and candidate experience at the core of the design process. Translating the solution into policy came next, and leveraging Cielo’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) track record to drive change across the organization.

Creating the business case

Munoz stresses the importance of walking business leaders through planned changes and being inclusive at every stage. Regional leaders will naturally show concern about their needs being met through a more global model, so transparency is key. Munoz set up a steering committee early on, along with an internal project management group. And despite initial reserve from stakeholders about the cost of change, he created a business case that showed significant savings.

Munoz identified that they would see over $5.5 million in cost savings/cost avoidance through by launching the global RPO model. He generated board enthusiasm for the change by translating that cost saving into the revenue that Weatherford consequently didn’t have to generate – as there were lower central costs that needed to be paid. A business case that the board was happy to sign off on.

Successfully launching on time

The dedicated Cielo implementation team worked with Munoz to operationalize the global strategy. The partnership approach established with business leaders early on created a solid foundation for the virtual implementation, resulting a successful launch that went live on time – and to even more new employees than initially outlined. Ultimately, this proved Munoz’s point in the first year of service: that the global RPO partner would enable Weatherford more flex and agility while delivering a global and locally nuanced service.