By Luke Parry, Vice President – Consulting 

In today's rapidly evolving landscape of talent acquisition (TA) technology, TA leaders are inundated with new platforms and tools promising to solve hiring challenges. As professionals responsible for shaping the future of their organizations, the importance of staying ahead is clear. Failing to keep up with the pace of change risks falling behind the competition – so many companies decide to replace their existing TA tech with more advanced options.

When making a change, it’s important to carry out the process effectively. Change management – the structured approach of smoothly and efficiently transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from current state to a desired future state – plays a vital role in the success of these transformations.

Through integrated collaboration, your change management partner will create a personalized plan to take your business to its next level of success. By keeping your people, brand, and goals top of mind, the right partner will alleviate the stressors of evolution while enabling effective communication and implementation.

Consider these facts:

  • Over 1,200 tech implementations and optimizations occur annually, but to varying levels of success due to tech quality and employee readiness.
  • An estimated 70% of transformations fail – highlighting the need for proven transition strategy.
  • Up to 50% of tech implementations miss their go-live targets, leading to downtime and unhappy employees.
  • Without a change program for talent attraction, employee resistance, inadequate training, and poor communication can negatively impact tech transformations.

Best practices for tackling TA tech change challenges:

  1. Ensure employee buy-in: It’s crucial for employees to understand the benefits of new technology and be involved in the selection and implementation process. Listening to employee feedback and addressing concerns promptly eliminates resistance and fosters a sense of ownership.

  2. Provide training and support: Adequate training on the new system ensures effective utilization and positive reinforcement of user capabilities, while ongoing support fosters user adoption.

  3. Plan for integrations: Meticulous planning for the integration of new tech with existing systems reduces inefficiencies and errors and ensures a seamless transition.

  4. Safeguard data: Ensure that data is accurately and securely transferred to the new system to avoid potential loss of critical information and negative impact on organizational operations.

  5. Be mindful of costs: Carefully weighing the benefits of new TA tech against the costs can help assess which system is right for your business. Investing in staff training and support will ensure effective utilization once the chosen tech is implemented.

Within Cielo’s consulting practice, we recognize that there’s a lot at stake when it comes to switching out TA technology – especially in today’s fast-paced environment. The crucial role technology plays in achieving targeted goals and objectives makes finding the latest and most efficient solutions even more important. Through providing the latest cutting-edge tools for success and ensuring a top-notch candidate experience, we eliminate the common pitfalls associated with technology changes, from costly delays to disengaged employees.


A consulting partnership built on a shared vision for change can transform your overall business results. Talk to one of our change management experts today.