Did you know that 87% of recruiting professionals believe talent acquisition has become more strategic over the past year? With industry shifts and ever-evolving candidate preferences, constructing a thoughtful TA process is more important than ever.

To create the most successful strategy, leaders need to embrace changes in technology and automation – which remain at the forefront of today’s hiring trends. Staying on the cutting edge of innovation ensures organizations win the best talent, lower time to fill, and boost retention. But it’s difficult to know where to begin.

A new eBook from iCIMS, created in partnership with Cielo, shows you how. Gain expert guidance on how to build a measured approach that’ll help you select the right people and technology needed to thrive.

You’ll come away with a comprehensive view of what’s to come and learn:

  • Five hiring trends defining the future of talent acquisition
  • Cost-cutting tools that simplify processes
  • How a consolidated tech stack fuels innovation

“To think strategically, envision the candidate experience from application through onboarding. Tailor communications and the process to deliver the information and experience that will make them want to join your organization.” – Cielo

With this research-backed insight on current trends in hiring, you can reach talent goals at scale and achieve strong business growth.

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